Sh*t Event Planners Say

VOG: Welcome to this week’s episode of, “The Good Work!”

SOW: Provide listeners with as much event design terminology as possible, within the time frame of 35 minutes.

BEO: (1) amazing producer, (2) softbox lights, (3) cups of coffee and (4) ladies from The Event Company!

If you’ve ever planned an event with an event designer or even with our team here at The Event Company, we’re sure you have probably heard us asking each other for shims, yelling things like, “We need three 156×90’s!” from across the room and seen at least four lighters sticking out of the back pockets of our jeans. Well friends, the time has come for us to bestow some of our event design lingo, abbreviations and odd mannerisms upon you. We hope you enjoy diving into the event design language with us this week, and be sure to listen in on iTunes!