Addie Graham-Kramer

Founder + CEO

Somewhere you have always wanted to travel to:

Beverage of choice:
In the AM: it’s a triple espresso latte (extra hot) + in the PM: tequila + club soda + lime

Tell us about your children and/or pets:
All of the above! Two little boys (William – 12 years old + Calvin – 9 years old) + our puppy, Ruby, call me mommy.

Favorite go-to snack during the work day:

3 words to describe The Event Company:
Out-of-the-box + industry leaders + innovative

Favorite thing about your position:
Being able to make a difference with organizations + non-profits across the world

Currently listening to on your playlist:
Scary Pockets – an awesome funk band from LA (they may be on repeat in my car + in my office!)

Color of clothing we would find most in your wardrobe:

Favorite activity outside of work:
Cheering from the sidelines as my husband + I watch William + Calvin on the basketball court, soccer + football field and sometimes, at the driving range