Holly Anderson Hintz

Event Designer

Somewhere you have always wanted to travel to:
Ireland! It’s 100% Garth Brooks’ fault – he sang a song about Ireland which of course just made it even more of a bucket list item for me!

Beverage of choice:
Sparkling Ice flavored water – caffeinated or regular!

Tell us about your children and/or pets:
Duke and Diesel are my pooches! We rescued both of them and couldn’t ever imagine our home without them.

Favorite go-to snack during the work day:
Peanuts! I live on peanuts and peanut butter while I’m at work.

3 words to describe The Event Company:
Inspirational, Trendsetters, Motivational

Favorite thing about your position:
My favorite part of my job is at the end of the night of an event. When the day is over, we know we have made someone’s dream come true and see all the amazing things we accomplished. I love helping others do amazing things and it makes my heart so happy when we succeed and our clients dreams come true.

Currently listening to on your playlist:
You can always find me listening to an Audible book!

Color of clothing we would find most in your wardrobe:
I’m a gosh darn rainbow! I have all the colors in my wardrobe and I love them all!

Favorite activity outside of work:
Give me water and sunshine and I’m the happiest girl on earth. Floating on my boat, searching for seashells, and being outside in the water are some of my favorites!