Holly Anderson Hintz

Event Designer

It started with just one event and here we are, nearly four years later and she is still by our side. Holly has been a part of the day-of design elements and traveled with the team locally as well as regionally. From the moment we met, we knew that Holly would be the perfect match because, well, she’s a details person and notices little things like napkin folds that may be slightly crooked, backdrops just a bit off-centered and of course, when the silverware is not in the correct order! (We told you…she’s a details person!) Holly believes she can save every animal that is available to be adopted. She loves being outside, at the lake or camping and enjoying time with her husband, dogs, nieces and nephews.

FUN FACT: Holly cannot only swim underwater 50 meters, but she can also sew like a 90 year-old (yet she’s still in her 30s). Holly’s friends would describe her as kind, caring and always willing to drop what she’s doing to be there for them.

Chat it up about “all things events” with Holly!