Lindsay Rohlfsen

Graphic Designer

As a permanent fixture on our team since 2014, Lindsay has enhanced events by using her graphic design talents for elements from logo creation to save the dates to event promotional campaigns (and just about everything in between)! As an award-winning designer, she loves collaborating on various event & design projects while doing what she loves most — being creative! With over 15 years of professional experience in graphic design and marketing, The Event Company is fortunate to have such a bold beauty on the team. 

FUN FACT: Lindsay is extremely literal, and has a million hilarious stories of words and phrases she has “misunderstood” throughout her life. She also has a death fear of frogs. Yes, frogs. She has been hypnotized twice to try and rid the fear, but nonetheless, she could win an Olympic gold if a frog is anywhere near her.

Let Lindsay make your event shine! Message her today.