The Kinds of People You will Meet at an Event

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, it truly takes all kinds of event goers to host a well-rounded event! If your dinner is overrun by a bunch of guests who identify as “The Shy Guy/Gal,” the odds of guests interacting may be low. On the other hand, if your social is entirely full guests who are “The Life of the Party,” the event may never end. (Yikes!) On this week’s episode of “The Good Work,” we’re identifying a few of the most common event goers. With Sarah, “The Competitor,” Kali, “The Rule Follower,” Maddi, “The Life of the Party,” and Addie…who falls under several categories, we’ve got the perfect blend of ladies to get the party started on this week’s segment! We hope you enjoy watching this episode now, or feel free to listen in on iTunes.