Paige Timmons

Event Designer

Somewhere you have always wanted to travel to:
Hawaii all the way!

Beverage of choice:
I will take a pineapple malibu any day of the week!

Tell us about your children and/or pets:
I have the most rambunctious dog named Sully! He is the cutest and sweetest yellow lab (I may be a little biased though)!

Favorite go-to snack during the work day:
Peanut Butter Chocolate RX Bars are my ultimate go to snack.

3 words to describe The Event Company:
Exciting. Eager. Electric.

Favorite thing about your position:
Getting to engage and interact with clients all around Sioux Falls is my favorite part about my job! I love to learn and grow with them as we make their event dreams come true!

Currently listening to on your playlist:
Taylor Swift all day everyday!

Color of clothing we would find most in your wardrobe:
All things black! Sweaters + Shirts + Jeans + Shoes

Favorite activity outside of work:
Hot yoga has become an addiction in my daily routine! But, I also enjoy lake days + running + trying different foods around Sioux Falls!