Paige Timmons

Events & Experience Coordinator

Born with a creative soul and entrepreneurial tendencies, Paige joined our team in May 2019 as a design intern looking for an opportunity to venture into the event planning industry. Her bright, shining personality brings a creative, modern edge to each and every event. You could describe Paige as an avid coffee lover and has a bad habit of purchasing the latest Free People trends. 

Paige is pursuing a degree in Advertising with a minor in Graphic Design at South Dakota State University. When Paige isn’t busy building dreams, you can catch her utilizing her creative capabilities. Her latest project was constructing a balloon arch for a graduation party.

FUN FACT: Paige is slightly obsessed with coffee and may consume close to 20 cups a week. This caffeinated craze provides just the boost that she needs to break out into song at random moments in the office. Friends would describe Paige as funny, sarcastic and caring.

Meet up for coffee and chat about with Paige on how she can help you with your next event!