Lisa Johanson Aust


As the official photographer of The Event Company, Lisa strives to capture all the small details and big moments that tell the story of each event!

 The Minnesota native started as a photographer in the days of film and darkrooms, studying visual communication until she earned an M.A. in journalism from University of Iowa. She joined The Event Company in 2019, after nearly a decade of corporate and non-profit photography. Lisa’s easy-going personality and stealthy nature help her capture vibrant images during an event as well as document the behind-the-scenes work of bringing the event to life!

When Lisa emerges from behind the camera, she loves exploring new cities and discovering local foodie sites with her husband, Brian.

FUN FACT: While Lisa owns cameras ranging from Hasselblad to Holga, her favorite is a pinhole camera she made out of a Quaker Oats container.