The events industry will gradually re-open as people begin to be comfortable out and about again. Live events will never be replaced, as 84% of company leaders feel like in-person events are key to the company’s success, but they will have slight adjustments to help in keeping guests safe.

With the stand-still of live events currently, virtual event experiences are the current direction of the event industry. It’s an opportunity for people to participate in events as they are able to do so, but it’s also a chance to make the events their own! Virtual happy hours, virtual walks are great examples where guests are making these work for their individual needs.

Hybrid events are going to be the long-standing direction for live events going forward. This is where the event is still held in-person, but has virtual components that allow guests to engage and be “present” from any location. But, let’s look at this as an opportunity for businesses to further expand their audience and reach more individuals with their message, since the internet and social media can connect us all. There are so many various platforms to use, such as Facebook Live, Zoom, Youtube, Vimeo and platforms like Pathable.