6 Tips to Throw an At-Home Party: March Madness® Edition

We like to think that pretty much every event or activity can turn into one great party. With March Madness in full swing, it’s time to turn your next basketball watch party into a slam dunk because home parties don’t have to be boring! The heart of events is turning the small moments and details into the most special moments.  

Tip #1 – Don’t Be Scared of a Theme

Many people feel that themed parties can be too cliché, but we find that most guests love to have direction and to play into the theme. Invite your guests to wear their favorite basketball jersey or team attire to your March Madness® party. P.S., don’t forget to supply the pom poms and megaphones for some good ol’ fashioned rivalry antics. Guests love having a name to remember the event by, so don’t forget your party theme name. For this basketball get together, consider the following name ideas:

  • Bring the Madness
  • It’s Game Time
  • B-Ball Bash

“Image by Ana Maltez via Unsplash.

Tip #2 – It’s All in the Food

For a game day get together, it is all about the food. Our best piece of advice – make it easy, engaging, and of course, tasty. Do not feel like you need to grind in the kitchen all day, instead, think of ways that you can encourage guests to engage with their snacks. Here are a few of our favorite game day bites:

  • Taco Bar – Qdoba caters a great taco bar and it allows guests to build their own plate, complete with all of their favorite toppings. 
  • Charcuterie Board – Everyone loves a selection of the best meats, cheeses, crackers, and fruit. Our best tip – purchase larger chunks of meat and cheeses and ask your local deli to slice them for you. This will save you lots of time!
  • Slam Dunk Dips – These are truly a slam dunk! Provide multiple options for warm and cold dips, with veggies and chips for dipping. You can even do your dessert table the same way, with a chocolate fondue fountain with a variety of items to dip.
  • Popcorn – Complete your game day snacks for guests with a popcorn bar complete with all the toppings – popcorn seasonings, M&Ms, peanut butter cups, peanuts, and gummy candies.

Tip #3 – Bring the Games!

We all know adults are truly just big kids at heart and love playing games! Host a half-time dunk contest for the entire group! Other game options that might include a little less physical activity include: 

  • Basketball Bingo
  • Guess that Score

“Image by Misunderstood Whiskey via Unsplash.

Tip #4 – Signature Cocktail

More times than not, we find that event hosts will have too many options available for beverages. We recommend picking your select favorites for the Hydration Station but be sure to include a signature cocktail. For this bash, try some of our favorites:

Tip #5 – Brand It Up!

In other words, DECORATE! A few branded elements can really go a long way. Put a welcome sign in the yard or on your front door, place menu cards for each of your food items, or a sign for the signature cocktail. Don’t have time to brand it up yourselves? We’ve given you a hand with a few templates you can grab here!

Tip #6 – Make Your Checklist

Finally, make a checklist! This helps you break down all your major tasks so you do not forget anything. Organization truly is the key to success, especially when it comes to a party. Below, find a sample checklist you can use for your #MarchMadness Bash. 

  • Pick your theme + name. 
  • Fill in and print the templates from above.
  • Order/purchase your food & beverage items.
  • Set up your half-time dunk contest. 

We hope this provides you with some useful insight for a great, at-home, March Madness® party. 

Let’s build slam dunk dreams together,
Kali Trautman 
Director of Event Operations

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