Building Your Team Up: How to Create a Positive Work Culture

There’s something about the fresh start that spring brings that speaks to us as a team as the time to refocus, recharge, and reflect on our team’s goals and team’s culture. It’s one of the most important elements to our team and we can only imagine that it is for many of you, too. It does not have to be spendy or complicated! Here are our top five tips and tricks we recommend you consider as you think about your team building activities this spring that can help build a positive work environment.  

1. Get Out of the Office!

Our biggest piece of advice for any team building activity is to get out of the office! Pick a neutral location, or even better, a new location. Open up the team’s mindset by giving them a new space; we have found this gets the conversation, creativity, and ideas flowing. Look for a space that offers plenty of room for meals, meeting space, and fun activities! 

2. Give Back

Use this dedicated time together as a team to give back to your local community. Whether you head off-site or bring the volunteer project to you, this is a great way to bond as a team, but we often find that employees love the opportunity to connect more with the community. By volunteering, you are not only helping your community grow stronger, but are also helping your team become stronger together. 

3. Empower Your Employees

As you are planning your team building activities, we encourage you to empower your employees and allow them to plan certain elements! This could be allowing the team to pick certain meals or even having certain team members lead conversation or direct discussion around topics that they are passionate about. Not only can this allow employees to expand on their leadership in the company, but it makes employees feel even more connected to the team. 

4. Personal Growth

When thinking of what elements you would like to discuss during team building, we suggest including topics and space for discussion around personal and professional development goals. Allow for opportunities for employees to know themselves and encourage them to set goals for themselves personally that can be in conjunction with their professional development. If employees are given that space for personal encouragement, they are going to bring their best self forward professionally!

5. Celebrate!

Go shawty, it’s your birthday, we gonna party like it’s your birthday… One of our favorite ways to celebrate is on our employees’ birthdays! While we are all about building together as a TEAM, we have found it is important to celebrate each individual to make a day about them, and what better day to celebrate than one of your employee’s birthdays. At our office, we put together a themed meal and decorations complete with all of the favorite items of the birthday girl. Whether that’s a signature charcuterie board, a delicious cake in their favorite flavor or even a Taylor Swift “22” party for our newest 22 year old!

Let’s build dreams + teams together,
Kali Trautman
Director of Event Operations