Alli Tschetter

Event Designer

Somewhere you have always wanted to travel to:
Anywhere new is always exciting for me, but Greece is on the top of my list!

Beverage of choice:
AM = Cafe Miel | PM = Craft Brews! I love a hazy IPA!

Tell us about your children and/or pets:
My family has an English Cream Golden Retriever named Kona, she is perfect!

Favorite go-to snack during the work day:
Addie calls them old people crackers but I love them! Cinnamon Brown Sugar Belvitas

Favorite thing about your position:
Traveling to new cities is hard to beat!

Currently listening to on your playlist:
Two Friends mixes never get old.

Color of clothing we would find most in your wardrobe:
Neutrals, neutrals & more neutrals.

Favorite activity outside of work:
Take me outside to play golf, hike or be on the water and I am one happy gal!