Kendra Wieringa

Happiness Coordinator

Somewhere you have always wanted to travel to:
Greece or Thailand!

Beverage of choice:
Amaretto Coke is my favorite drink.

Tell us about your children and/or pets:
I am single without a child or a pet. I don’t think I am lonely?!

Favorite go-to snack during the work day:
Doritos, Sun Chips, Ruffles… healthiest girl you know.

3 words to describe The Event Company:
Organized, fun, and creative.

Favorite thing about your position:
Helping take the weight off of my co-workers shoulders!

Currently listening to on your playlist:
Morgan Wallen (heart eyes!!)

Color of clothing we would find most in your wardrobe:
Tan, black, gray, white, cream. Give me all the neutrals!

Favorite activity outside of work:
I love going out to eat because I love trying new foods and exploring new places with my friends + family!