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Working in an office with all women, the question of, “where did you get that?” constantly comes up. Whether it’s a new tote, sneakers, or where we got our nails done, we find that we learn so much from each other, as well as get to know each other and our interests. We decided to compile a list of all of our favorite things at the moment, and share it with you, in case you needed some inspiration! 

Listen, as an event planning company, we do it all. From event design, venue logistics, virtual production, event fundraising, and graphic and communications consulting, we know it’s important to have items that are functional and make our lives easier. Not only do these items make our lives more functional, but they are also items that bring each of us joy. Hopefully, each of you will find them useful and also allow you to get to know each of us a little more!

Who does not love some quality cosmetic care? Alyssa swears by her Youth to the People Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream. She has gone through so many jars, she could start a collection. This face moisturizer is super lightweight and creamy, and does not leave her face feeling greasy! Perfect for your typical day use, and even the gym. 

Kali is obsessed with her Tula skincare line. The products are wonderful for your skin, especially on those long event days. Her favorite set includes four holy grail products: the Purifying Cleanser, Resurfacing Toner, Illuminating Face Serum, and Hydrating Moisturizer. This simple four step skincare routine keeps Kali glowing even during our busy seasons. 

If you are from South Dakota or any place where it gets pretty cold in the winter, you definitely need quality chapstick. Alli refuses to use any other chapstick outside of Blistex Deep Renewal Anti-Aging Formula. You will find a tube in her purse, work bag, vehicle, night stand, bathroom drawer, kitchen, and desk. She literally ALWAYS has this available and buys it in bulk from Amazon because it can be difficult to find in stores! 

Speaking of lip care, Paige’s go-to lip gloss is the Lip Glowy Balm by Laneige in the flavor peach. It is the perfect daytime partner in crime glowy lip balm! She always has this in her purse and does not go a day without it. It is without a doubt one of her staples in her skincare products! Oh, and it smells amazing too! 

I mean who doesn’t want whiter teeth?! Chesney swears by her Lumineux Teeth Whitening Toothpaste, which she uses every day to enhance her smile. She loves that the toothpaste does not make her teeth feel sensitive like some other whitening treatments and that the brand uses natural ingredients. 

Kendra recently started getting her eyelashes done – and it has been a total GAME CHANGER for her. She has never been one who loves wearing mascara, so it makes getting ready in the morning a breeze. Plus, what a bonus to always look semi-decent without really trying! She goes to Amazing Lash Studio in Sioux Falls and has always had an amazing experience. Her go to eyelash look is the “classics”, keeping them as natural-looking as possible. 

If you know Addie,  you know she is a big fan of Tory Burch. She loves loves loves her new Tory Burch Ella Tote. The best part about this tote is that you can truly fit everything into it! The bag is versatile and sturdy, making it the perfect purse to use when you are running from event to event or even simple errands around town. 

If the Tory Burch Ella Tote isn’t the right fit for you, Lexi is obsessed with her Lululemon crossbody bag! She truly never leaves the house without it! It fits all her necessities, from her phone, keys, accessories, and cards. The best part about it is that it’s hands free, no digging in a purse for anything! As Lexi would say, “She is perfect!”

Also, if you are in need of a good perfume, Kendra loves Chance by Chanel. She always gets compliments on how good she smells, smelling of fresh citrus with a soft hint of teak wood. This perfume will have you smelling FINE and irresistible!

Molly’s absolute favorite thing is her french press! She makes coffee with this every morning and it has to be with this exact french press. She loves how simple it is and that it comes with replacement filters. To go along with her french press, you need a subscription to Bean Box. Molly has had it for almost a year now and it’s so fun! You get sent high quality coffees from all over the world. There is truly no better way to start your morning. 

Chesney and Addie are also obsessed with the Simple Modern water bottles. They both have plenty sitting around their homes and around the office. These water bottles are made from stainless steel, which keeps your drinks fresh and cold. They are also super easy to clean, travel with, and match any aesthetic!

Now, if you are in need to spice up your home, Ella is pretty obsessed with her home-office wallpaper from Katie Kime.  Ella’s home office is the brightest corner of her house and it puts her in a great mood every time she spends time in that room! You need this in your home office space, or even in your work office friends. 

Stay tuned for more of our team’s favorite items in the coming months, from where we find our event wardrobes to our travel must-haves when we’re out of state and on-the-go eventing. You can keep up with all of our team members’ favorite things, event design inspiration, and links to past blogs on our Pinterest page!

Enjoy and start shopping to get all the items you need!
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