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The Summer Bachelorette Party Tips You Need

With summer quickly approaching, the season of bachelorette parties has begun. While these aren’t the type of events we typically plan, we can’t help but join the fun and put together a few ideas for your upcoming party. Bachelorette parties are the pre-party to the big day, but they have become just as elaborate, special, and detailed as the wedding can be. We are loving the boho trend that we are seeing, and think that you will, too. Make your boho bach bash one for the books with a few of our tips and tricks below!

Set the tone for the bash with a fun invitation + itinerary to send to all of your invitees to announce the date and details. We find that even an invitation can bring energy to the event and bring excitement to your guests. Plus, everyone will love to see what the theme is! We’ve put together a fillable guide that will make it easy for you to just add your specifics. 

One of our suggestions is to include a meal where the whole group cooks together. Not only will it be cost-saving, but it’s great bonding time for the group. Plus, there is just something about a home-cooked meal…and you can eat copious amounts of chips and queso without having to explain to a waiter. (Or is that just us?) We’ve even got a template for your food station menu, so everything is insta-worthy!

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We know that there will be no shortage of beverages at your big bash, so why not customize all the drinks for the weekend. Start with brunch and mimosas, from your custom labeled champagne. For drinks by the pool, these customized adult juice box pouches will be the perfect touch. Cheers!

One of our biggest recommendations is to rent, not buy when it comes to decor. Not only is it cost-saving, but it is also hassle free! Reach out to a local florist to wherever the big bash is and ask about their rental decor. The boho trend includes lots of vases, candles and macrame, which are easy rental pieces. Add the final touches with fresh floral, greens and succulents that you can enjoy over the stay. Once your party is over, have the florist come back to pick-up and it’s off your hands! 

Bachelorette Party Graphics for purchase by Ella Rynders.

Who doesn’t love a good competitive game? Try your hand at bachelorette bingo with our customized bingo boards!

Packing is always one of the biggest challenges for a large group, so we’ve given you a hand with this customized pack list!

Cheers to love,
Kali Trautman
Director of Event Operations