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Our Favorite Things – Summertime Sips

Is it just us or has this summer been a hot one! There is truly no better way to cool down the hot summer days than with a refreshing, summer cocktail! Whether it’s a summer night out on the town, a friend’s birthday, or an office drink with your coworkers, our team has the perfect drink suggestions for you to try before the summer ends. 

Molly‘s favorite summer cocktail was inspired by her time living in England + combines two of the country’s favorite things: gin + tea! Molly infuses her own gin with Earl Grey tea leaves that she purchases from The Spice Exchange in downtown Sioux Falls. She combines two parts of infused gin with one part of simple syrup + lemon juice in a glass with a large sphere ice cube. Stir well + make sure you have a snack before consuming – this martini is almost too easy of a sipper + perfect for those late summer nights!

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Once the weather rises above 70°F, Ella switches her preferred drink order from a warming negroni to a classic margarita.  DTSF has a wide assortment of amazing cocktail bars that offer an assortment of classic + themed cocktails – making it difficult to decide on the best thing to order.  Ella has decided to make the ordering process easy on herself + order the same thing from every new spot she tries.  If you know Ella, you know she loves all things citrus, so it’s no surprise that she gauges how much she likes a new spot by how well they can make a margarita.  There are so many elements to take into consideration – the type of tequila, the amount of lime, + the additional flavors added. Highballs Verdita Margarita includes El Jimador Silver Tequila, Tattersall Orange Crema, pineapple, lime, cilantro, + jalapeño.  Pineapple + jalapeño are always great additions to margaritas, but the fresh cilantro garnish is what puts this drink on the top of Ella’s list.  

Find Lexi with one (or two!) blackberry mules on a summer Friday evening at Crave Sioux Falls! There is truly nothing Lexi enjoys more than the Crave patio in the summer along the river. Along with her mule, you will find her with friends + an order of her favorite calamari appetizer. The mule is a perfect drink for summer. Crave’s mule is the perfect mixture of sweet blackberries + Haku vodka served in your traditional mule glass, keeping your drink cool on a hot summer evening. The lime tops off the freshness of the drink. Crave’s Blackberry Mule includes their house-made blackberry agave puree + Haku vodka + fresh lime + ginger beer.

Alli also loves the lightness + freshness of a mule. The thing that makes a Moscow mule top on Alli’s list is that you can customize it to each season with a different flavor. In the summertime, Alli’s favorite mule additions are strawberry with fresh strawberry puree shaken into the cocktail or swapping out the vodka for a Peach Blossom Kettle One Vodka for a peachy spin! No matter the place, whether a dive bar or a classy patio on the waterfront, they can land the perfect mule for you. Don’t be afraid to try this drink at home, either! It’s a simple concoction of ginger beer + the vodka of your preference + fresh lime + any additional flavoring or garnishes you love to top off the drink. Next time you make a mule at home, add in a garnish of mint for a refreshing punch to your mule.

One of Paige‘s favorite summer cocktails is a Raspberry Collins. It is a simple combination of gin + raspberries + lemon + soda water that’s refreshing + fruity. Not to mention, a perfectly instagrammable pink color! It’s an easily sippable drink, perfect for warmer days. Paige loves enjoying this cocktail on any patio in downtown Sioux Falls – but her favorite is at the Carpenter Bar with friends on a Friday afternoon! 

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Addie‘s favorite summertime sip was discovered two summers ago while sitting on the patio at Look’s Marketplace. It’s Aperol Spritz! Not only is this cocktail created with the simplest of ingredients, but it’s also refreshing + bright + just delightful on summer nights. The key ingredient in this sipper is…you guessed it: Aperol. There’s no substitution for this apéritif + it’s described as a “zesty orange flavor with complex herbal scents harmonized with a touch of vanilla.” Next, add your favorite Prosecco. A dry Prosecco versus sweet is preferred in this drink so that it’s not too sweet. You’ll want to mix equal parts Aperol + Prosecco. To add a bit more fizz, you’ll top the drink with club soda + rim the glass with an orange slice. This fresh fruit slice complements the orange liquor nicely for the perfect touch.

Kendra is a sucker for a mojito in the summertime. To her, a mojito is the epitome of a refreshing cocktail. With the perfect hints of mint + lime, it is the perfect drink to order (+ make) in the summer. Kendra loves to spend her weekends in Okoboji, Iowa, where she was introduced to the Wildberry Mojito at The Waterfront. It quickly became her regular order for the summer. It is the perfect drink to make if you are hosting a party + simpler to make than you think! Just mix white rum + lime juice (or squeezed limes) + muddled mint leaves + a splash of simple syrup. Then, top it off with sparkling water + blueberries + raspberries + blackberries. Voila! The prettiest summer drink that will have you dreaming for more. 

According to Kali, the best happy hour spot in Sioux Falls is 22Ten Kitchen & Cocktails! They have a great patio space with wonderful bites + beverages, including her favorite Pomegranate Martini. It’s the perfect sip with the sweetness of the pomegranate. Oh, and don’t forget the lime! Her favorite addition is the lime wedge for that extra tartness.

For our mocktail drinkers, there are plenty of options to consider as well! If you are at your favorite bar and don’t have a mocktail menu, do not be afraid to ask the bartender what the best house mocktail is. Often the bar has a homemade concoction that goes great in a mocktail!

Photo by the Hello Hi.

To Chesney, there is nothing better than a local bar that gives off the vibes of an island getaway. In Sioux Falls, The Hello Hi provides that perfect getaway, with a fun mid-century modern twist. The menu has a variety of cocktails which are served in a tiki glass to truly top off the mood. Chesney’s go-to order is the Mile Marker. This mocktail is perfect on a hot summer day to grab after work with a friend. The drink includes pineapple shrub, a hint of cinnamon, + fresh orange, topped off with tonic, giving the drink perfect carbonation.

We will be back again with our favorite fall drinks… so stay tuned. 

Oh, and cheers to your favorite summertime sip!
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