Tech It Up!

Like most things in our current world, staying up-to-date on technology is just as prevalent in events. There are a variety of ways that technology can help take your event to the next level. Two areas for events our team recommends to “tech it up” include your fundraising technology + your virtual event platforms! 

Fundraising Technology

Statistics show that when an organization moves from traditional paper auctions + donations to an online giving platform, revenue increases by an average of 30%. With that statistic, our team has encouraged all of our non-profit + fundraising clients to transition into using these platforms. Online fundraising technology is easy for event-goers to use – with all the information they need quickly at the touch of their fingertips. Today’s fundraising technology creates a simple step-by-step platform with directions that allow an understandable guide for event guests to easily use + follow. It even creates a one-stop shop for donors to use at an event. Guests simply just text a keyword + they have the ability to bid + donate from their mobile devices throughout the entire event!

fundraiser tech

These platforms are so beneficial because they have options available for organizations to sell tickets + host their silent + live auctions + collect donations. While these platforms have an annual fee, this cost covers + allows our clients to use it for any of their additional fundraising campaigns throughout the year as well. Our best recommendation is to offer a sponsorship opportunity for the platform – not only will it cover the expense of the platform, but it’s one of the best ways to recognize + activate your sponsors!

Virtual Event Platforms

Our team at The Event Company has had experience in various virtual event platforms + apps for many years, but the COVID-19 pandemic pushed us to look even further into these platforms. For any event that is hosting a virtual or hybrid component or is looking for some additional opportunities for guests to engage or for sponsors to be activated, we would encourage a virtual event platform. This is where all of your event’s content can live – the agenda for the event, details on speakers or sponsors + where all the live streamed or recorded content will live. 

These features are what bring the connection between any in-person + virtual guests + make it feel like one complete event. Unifying two audiences. 

One of my favorite parts about these platforms is the engagement that guests can have amongst themselves. Virtual event platforms showcase public forums where attendees can connect on common interests + event topics + even schedule a private meeting. We see hundreds, sometimes thousands, of messages amongst attendees over the span of the event.

hyrbid event

Sponsors can be showcased in a variety of ways – from a virtual booth with options for private meetings with attendees, to a page showcasing company information + banner ads throughout the entire platform. These platforms are another way to activate event sponsors! Plus, they can be used for 100% live + inperson events as well as the “hub” for the event. It’s a great engagement tool. 

Both of these event technology platforms are great additions to your next event + will help your organization stay prevalent + connected. If you’re interested in learning more about how event technology can take you to the next level, send us a message and we’ll show you all that you can do!

Let’s build dreams + tech up your next event! 
Kali Trautman
Director of Event Operations