Our Favorite Things – Give Us All The Events

What is the one thing we all love to do? Events obviously! Our team is passionate about creating unique experiences that clients + guests will remember. We specialize in planning corporate + non-profit + social events. All of our team members of course enjoy every type of event, but we wanted to share more about what type of events each member is most passionate about + why. Check it out below!

Addie loves any event that we build from the ground up. Whether that is a non-profit fundraiser or a three-day corporate conference, it’s all about how our team gets to be a part of the design + creation of everything from branding development + sponsorship opportunities to vendors featured at the event + especially a great focus spent on the guest experience. All of those “firsts” that we get to be a part of when creating a new event are what make Addie tick! Seeing those “firsts” in action nearly a decade down the road makes Addie incredibly proud of all that The Event Company “dream builders” can do together with our clients across the country. Some events that our team has had the pleasure of crafting from the beginning stages include the South Dakota Cattlemen’s Foundation Prime Time Gala, Hey Sioux Falls, The Blue Ball, the Earn the Gift Gala, Women in Philanthropy + more. What an amazing honor to walk alongside our clients to build their dreams + make an impact in the world.


There is truly something special about raising money for a nonprofit in our local communities + for those doing meaningful things across the world! Giving back to groups that are making an impact in the community is what Chesney loves doing most + is actually what got her interested in working for The Event Company in the first place! She has also found her passion for promoting + planning running events, one of her favorites being The 437 Project. This event is a relay-style run that spans 437 miles across the state of South Dakota, raising funds + awareness for suicide prevention. Chesney has loved this event because she has gotten the chance to work with the press + media across the state, especially in rural communities on a topic that matters so dearly to her. 

Kendra’s favorite type of event is a golf tournament benefiting a non-profit. What person doesn’t want to “skip” a day of work to golf (fingers crossed for good weather) + raise money for a non-profit at the same time? She loves seeing the community come together to support + raise funds for a specific non-profit they are passionate about. Seeing all the planning come together + how the money raised at the event will impact our communities truly gives Kendra the warmest feeling in the world.

golf fundraiser for nonprofit event

Kendra isn’t the only one who loves a golf tournament + a good cause! Alli also loves golf tournament fundraisers. This stems from Alli’s own personal love of golf + being outside! Raising funds for a good cause is the final cherry on top for Alli, finishing off the ideal event day. The day is always high energy + our staff at The Event Company truly make the most of it out on the greens.

Virtual + Hybrid Events

Ella loves the challenge of virtual + hybrid events. These events pose a different type of challenge in the planning process, as the event-goers experience varies much more than in-person events. Providing an equal, interesting experience for all attending, whether they are in their best gown or their favorite pajamas, is an exhilarating challenge. The graphics for these events are typically a little wider-ranging as well, including in-person signage + digital screens + physical invitations + more! Overall, virtual + hybrid events are sure to stretch + flex our skills!


Molly loves events that are very methodical + process-driven, so her favorite events to work on are conferences! There are always lots of spreadsheets (yay!) + interesting speakers or content that she can learn from. This year Molly has led up planning + managing an entirely virtual conference. She shares that while this has been an interesting challenge in terms of engaging attendees, it has been extremely rewarding to think outside the box + propose new or exciting virtual networking sessions. She also loves the behind-the-scenes work of building conference or event platforms!

Corporate conferences are also Kali’s favorite events to design + be a part of! She loves being able to be a part of the process of selecting speakers that The Event Company thinks will relate to where our clients’ guests are + have an impact on them + provide education either personally or professionally. It’s even better when our team can include some great event technology + design elements such as LED video panels or engagement spaces that take the event to the next level!

Social Events

Lexi loves to host a social! She loves hor’s d’oeuvres + signature cocktails + a super fun photo booth. She likes trying new event elements + a fun social is the perfect place to try it. If a non-profit has a social, it’s double the fun because Lexi also loves to showcase the mission + story of her clients. Did she also mention she loves incorporating games, raffles, heads or tails, golden tickets, or a prize wall? There is nothing Lexi loves more than bringing a little fun competition to any atmosphere.

team building retreat with event designers

Whether it is a large-scale gathering or a small intimate setting, you can find Paige hosting a fun social event! It is the best way to mingle + get to know other people. Paige loves that a social provides our clients the opportunity to connect with people from various backgrounds. It’s also the perfect environment to enjoy a well-made, signature cocktail + snap some photos with their friends throughout the evening while having a fun time. Also, who doesn’t love bite-sized hor’s d’oeuvres + mini desserts? Socials truly provide a little bit of everything, making our clients happy!

Regardless of the event, at the end of the day, what matters most to all of us is turning our clients’ dreams into reality. Interested in learning more about what we have to offer? Check out our services here.

Let’s continue building dreams together!
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