Our Favorite Things – Fall Drinks

It’s fall + we’re back with our favorite fall drinks. If you were here this summer, we’re sure you had the chance to check out our Summertime Sips featuring amazing drinks from our office headquarters in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. If you’re already missing summer, check out our favorite Summertime Sips here. Totally over summer + enjoying all things fall? Well, this is the article for you. From apple cider to hot cafe miels, to harvest sangrias, our team loves autumn + all of the festive drinks that come with the season. 

Apple cider, please!
You’ll find Kendra with a hot apple cider in hand all autumn long! Her family loves getting homemade apple cider from local farms they know. They enjoy putting the cider in a thermal serving canister, especially while hosting a family event or football tailgate. Their family spices up the drink by adding red hot candies into the cider by the spoonful. To Kendra, no drink makes her feel cozier in the fall or brings her back to her childhood memories quite like hot apple cider.

If you know Lexi, you know she loves citrus fruit! Her love for citrus follows her love for the flavors of apple + cinnamon. When Lexi envisions the perfect fall drink, she thinks of this apple cider cocktail. This cocktail combines all the fall flavors Lexi loves in one glass! The cocktail is full of flavor + picture perfect for a fall weekend out with the ladies in downtown Sioux Falls.

You can never go wrong with coffee!

Molly has two favorite fall drinks that are her “go-to’s”. Molly enjoys a hot cafe miel in the morning from Coffea to start her work day. In the late afternoon or evening, you can find her enjoying a homemade hot toddy! She likes to make her hot toddies with whiskey + lemon juice + honey + a cinnamon stick + boiling water. 

Molly is not the only one who enjoys a cafe miel! This drink is Alli’s all-time favorite drink year-round. The drink is the perfect fall mixture with hints of cinnamon + honey. 

Some people may call it basic, but Chesney loves a pumpkin spice latte (#PSL). There is truly nothing better than warming yourself up on a chilly, autumn morning with a #PSL. It’s also the perfect drink for the season, encompassing all things fall!

Festive cocktails for the win!

In search of a Moscow mule for autumn? Kali has the perfect cocktail for you.  She loves an apple cranberry Moscow mule. This drink features a few of her favorite autumn flavors – apple + cranberry. It’s the perfect mix of fruity + spice + everything nice!

You’ll find Paige drinking a fall sangria for her cocktail of choice. The fresh seasonal fruit tops off this drink for Paige. She enjoys the depth of taste sangrias can have, while still feeling light + bubbly. Paige loves the aesthetic of the fall drink as well, with the deep red color giving the drink the perfect autumn look!


Addie’s favorite fall cocktail is a sparkling harvest sangria. Addie has perfected her recipe which has become her staple! The cocktail recipe takes minimal time to put together, but looks + tastes like it took you hours to prepare (talk about a perfect drink for a party)! Check out the recipe below:


  • chop up three Granny Smith apples into cubes
  • 2 Bartlett pears (chop up) into cubes 
  • 2 oranges sliced (with the rinds on)
  • 1/2 cup of cranberries or pomegranate arils  
  • 8-12 whole cinnamon sticks (one for each Mason Jar) 
  • One gallon of apple cider
  • Two bottles of red wine of choice (at room temperature)
  • One bottle of chilled Prosecco 


  1. Chop up apples, pears + oranges.
  2. Add cranberries or pomegranate seeds
  3. Mix all fruit in a bowl together
  4. Place fruit mixture into the bottom of a Mason Jar. Any size will do and depends on how much you want to serve your guests. You could do an 8oz jar or 16oz jar. (Don’t forget the lid – you’ll need this!)
  5. Add one cinnamon stick to each jar. 
  6. Top each jar with about 1/4 cup of apple cider.
  7. Add your favorite red wine to the jar; leave about 1/3 cup of room left in the jar.
  8. Top the jar with the lid + shake the closed jar + let it sit overnight in the fridge. 
  9. Then, right before serving, shake the closed mason jar one more time to infuse all of the ingredients together, especially the spice from the cinnamon stick. 
  10. Open the jar + top the drink with Prosecco for a sparkling fizz!